Happy 2015 All! Sorry about the long hiatus! I’ve got a couple of new projects in the works that I’d like to share!

I’d like to announce the (re)launch of Commentist Bloc! This was a project that two of my close friends and I started a couple of years ago. We had originally intended it to be a community blog, but realized that it was difficult to keep a number of people on a frequent writing schedule. So we have rebranded it into a podcasting network! Our original show, The Unwind, is a weekly discussion of the world of tech, games, gadgets and geek culture. We have released our 21st episode, and can now be found on iTunes! Please be sure to check it out, leave us your feedback, and subscribe if you like it!

I’ve also been busy editing the second show for Commentist Bloc, which will follow the adventures of my Dungeons and Dragons group! We have started a new 5th edition, custom campaign that my brother developed and is DM’ing, and I’ve had a number of requests to record and release our adventure. This will be launching next week (hopefully!), and I plan on releasing new episodes fairly regularly.

If you have a podcast that and you’d like to join the Commentist Bloc network, please drop me a message at robbiestells@gmail.com.

Stay tuned!